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In The News Now

The Phenomena of ADHD and other Disorders

by Linda


ADHD is an abbreviation for Attention Deficit Disorder.  The definition given to ADHD is:

any of a range of behavioural disorders occurring primarily in children, including such symptoms as poor concentration, hyperactivity and impulsivity.


We never used to hear this term ADHD 30 or 40 years ago.  Autism, Bi-polar, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) along with ADHD are all labels given to sets of behaviour patterns that don't fit into what is considered acceptable in our society. It is our society though that creates these behaviours.


These symptoms are created in response to the environments we live in. The systems we create and organizations we interact with ask us to operate from our 5 - sense ego personality rather than our Soul.


As children we are still aware of our Divinity that is beyond this physical vehicle we inhabit. We are like sponges absorbing everything in our environment.  We are love in action naturally exploring what we see in front of us.


When we speak about what we see that is beyond an adult's perception we are told we are wrong, or it is just our imagination.  This sets up a lack of trust towards what comes from being connected with our Divine essence of love. We learn that it is not safe to express love in this world.  We are taught how to act loving according to someone else's perception of what love is.


This establishes fear patterns within the physical body and emotional field. Those patterns create imbalances within the brain and body systems. With many generations of behaviour patterns of fear built up we create a wall separating ourselves from having full access to our greater consciousness.


Our medical systems and psychiatric systems give us drugs so that we don't have to experience pain. In numbing the pain we learn to numb the ability to receive from our Higher Selves in a more complete way. We learn to create a wall around us and to deflect to protect.  What happens though is that we deflect that which would be harmful to us but also that which would nourish us. 


Any fear pattern is going to show up as a dysfunction in our body soul connection.  With ADHD and these other so-called disorders there is often a mention of chemical imbalances. The answer is to give a drug to stop a pattern that has a message within it.


If we were operating from wholeness within the psychiatric and medical systems we would be looking to what has created the chemical imbalance rather than just stopping it artificially with drugs. The drug business is quite lucrative though. It is also a great vehicle to control people with. 


If people would but allow the message to come through the intuition from spirit as to what the issue is that the body is telling them then the healing and transformation can occur naturally.


Never underestimate the power of love. Love connects. Love heals. Love transforms. Our spiritual essence is love. The answers come from finding the patterns beyond the physical reality.


It is time to live from wholeness. It is time to integrate the love of who we are as spiritual beings with our outer physical form. The next steps are always shown to us if we are willing to step out of the box of limitation that is handed to us by the medical, educational, and religious systems. Do you dare to step on a path of evolution?  



About Linda


A spiritual life coach that works with a global vision specializing in soul to soul relationships manifesting on Earth.  Assist people to get "soul wired" in order to transform health and relationship challenges.  Look forward to an opportunity to speak with you more about her life's work of "Asking the Body and Engaging the Soul" to become the "New Earth".


** Editor's note:  The views expressed are solely that of the author of the article.  What do you think ?  Post your comments on the forum 

Enhancing the
Ever Widening Gap

by Steve


Genetic enhancement of ones self at first glance seems pretty cool. The ability to replace a life time of what would appear to be a disability born genetic malfunction carries great weight and indeed has been performed successfully. It does have a wonderful potential.


This however in itself is really not an issue. The issue is our flawed humanity. That is there are those who work for the good of mankind with the best of intentions and there are those who would take advantage of burgeoning sciences and pervert the original intent. Until this divergence of human moral value can be better directed on a global level the good intent will be victimized by basic concepts such as greed, self advancement and even hate and prejudice.


Your average person living in the first world actually goes all the way through life with no way to comprehend the trials and tribulations of the have not. The have not spent their entire lives wondering  why the haves have and why the haves are making efforts to ensure it is harder and harder for the have not to not be able to access what the haves have.


So far we are discussing your basic standard of living from which we seem to determine our worth and success as a people but I would suggest that those of wealth tend to view those without with a well hidden disdain. Once in a while they break camouflage and it can be heard through such comments as, 'What is wrong with those people? ,or, They just have no drive or ambition, ignoring the fact that living in squalor tends to substitute drive with survival.


The greatest problem we face today on a human level is that of our ever widening disparity between the rich and the poor and to that we are now facing the ability to enhance our children. I do not see us beginning by enhancing those without the means to afford such a service.


It is clear that we have made amazing advancements through on going studies of the genome but it is also clear that as we peer into the genetic processes we are faced with the daily epiphany of how little we know about a vastly more complicated system than we ever imagined.


There was one study done that  comes to me every time I ponder this topic.


In the simplest of terms they attempted to make a mouse faster  and with greater stamina and were quite successful. The problem was the mouse became extremely aggressive and the bigger problem is no one knew why other than this was a side effect of the success. This is of particularly concern when we remind ourselves of just how timid a mouse actually is and that this timorous has been the evolutionary key to the survival and proliferation of mice around the world. The very heavy implications. 


With all this in mind it is hard for me to accept that there are not those who would seek enhancement of memory, brain capacity, a better utilization of oxygen, increased muscle mass, night vision even hearing and smell.

 I am guilty of finding these enhancements attractive. The possible side effects do make me nervous but not near as much as our flawed humanity.


We have this nasty trait which we have a long history of perpetrating every time we go to battle. We demean those we are fighting and cloud the issue of their humanity by suggesting to ourselves that they are not quite equal. It is much harder to kill those we accept as equals and friends and there in lies the rub.


Once we create or modify ourselves to be better than those who can not and never will be enhanced what will be the attitude of the enhanced to the non enhanced. Of course we would like to think that the modification of some would be to the benefit of all.


I believe there are very strong indicators, right out of our past, that a culling or segregation would be a part of our future and that the non enhanced would become victims of the haves enhancement. Mind you a possible side effect might make the enhanced so self doubting and paranoid that upon reaching puberty they remain hidden under their beds for the rest of time.


The point is that enhancement is not a difficult sell of itself and indeed the ability to enhance food productivity, through the enhancement of plant and animal characteristics is well under way and will likely go along ways yet. Certainly parents who believe that a genetic repair for their child is the only solution to a life of misery for their children will seek the best for their children and this as well as been achieved.


It is the social implications on a global scale where the discussion must go. Rules must be made and followed prior to any further meanderings down this path and those who will never have the possibility of taking advantage of such technologies must be given the strongest voice of all as it is their demise that looms.



About Steve


Studied in geography, brain injury survivor, died and came back. Have worked in 33 countries and traveled another 20 including the seven seas, North Pole, Deserts, and remote jungle all teaching me how little I know.

** Editor's note:  The views expressed are solely that of the author of the article.  What do you think ?  Post your comments on the forum 


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